Cancer Cures

There are a number of naturally occurring methods of reducing and curing cancer symptoms, concealed from you by the cancer industry.

  • The Paleo diet. Cancer feeds off sugar only. Carbohydrates become sugar in the body. If you avoid sugar and carbs, eat meat fish and veg, you’ll often stop stage 3 cancer in its tracks, and usually cure stage 2 cancer.
  • Exercise, oxygen, vitamin D in at least 10,000iu a day. Cancer cells are killed by oxygen.
  • GcMAF – a human protein, more expensive. But 300 scientists behind it. Superb for stage 4, and for terminal pancreatic cancers.
  • Bicarbonate of soda mixed 1:1 with molasses, which act as a trojan horse to get the bicarb into cancer cells. Keep your body alkaline.
  • Large dose (10grams plus) Vitamin C infusions (IV) – published by the Riordan Clinic. Or liposomal vitamin C.
  • Bitter almonds. Now banned by the pharma/US government madfia as too effective. But also in Apricot seeds and apple pips – its  vitamin B 17 or laetrile.
  • Essaic – a selection of herbs, including sheep sorrel, which animals eat to cure their cancer. Used with huge success by Rene Cassise of Toronto. Her hospital was closed by the chemo industry as too serious a competitor.  Essaic is available on the internet.
  • Curcumin – but it has to be taken IV, and it can be bought in the proper form. Liposomal is also available.
  • DCA dichloracetate – a research paper by the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. If you overdose you get neuropathy temporarily. Simply reduce the dose.
  • Pureed asparagus and Broccoli spears. Avocado. Red peaches cause apoptosis of cancer cells. Weak, but works for perhaps 10% of people.
  • Hyperthermia – tumours cannot stand temperatures above 40 degrees C.
  • Reservatrol in very small doses. Larger doses inhibit CYP1BI. Better: Salvesterols: phytonutrients activated by cancer’s CYP1B1


Some of the above have weak, reversible side effects.