Lord Saatchi

Maurice Saatchi had to watch his wife die of cancer, while his doctor told him there were superb scientific discoveries the law did not allow him to use. It only allows the poison of chemotherapy, which would shorten her life.

So Maurice Saatchi, former Conservative Party Chairman and partner in the Saachi and Saatchi advertising empire, brought in the “Medical Innovation Bill” to put the law back to where it used to be, allowing doctors to prescribe what they considered to be in the best interests of the patient.

But Lord Saatchi underestimated the ruthless power of the chemotherapy industry  lobby. It was Cameron’s Conservative government itself that blocked his Bill on 18th October 2013, in the person person of the Minster of Health himself, Jeremy Hunt. Its clear the chemotherapy industry controls even government ministers.

Britains cancer laws have been changed by the billion dollar chemo lobby with its men sitting on the boards of British medical legal bodies. It has altered UK laws so that only their product, the poison of chemotherapy, is allowed to be prescribed by doctors for cancer.

It brainwashes doctors and the medical establishment with lectures, brochures, visits by salesmen and conferences, to ensure  chemotherapy, which typically costs a massive £40,000 a year per patient, is the only treatment considered. And yet its much worse than useless.

In fact the entire public is brainwashed to believe there is no cure for cancer, when there are dozens.
It seems clear the chemo industry also controls the charities Cancer Research UK and Macmillan, who appear to completely toe their line.
That means the British people are denied all the brilliant scientific discoveries in cancer of the last 40 years, including GcMAF, which eradicates even stage 4 cancer without side effects.

Its the chemotherapy industry, and their stranglehold over the UK medical establishment, that Lord Maurice Saatchi is fighting. And he won’t win without exposing them first, and making the scores of thousands of killings they commit for profit in the UK obvious to the public.

As an advertising man and member of the House of Lords, if anyone can do it, Lord Saatchi can.