Big pharma directors sit on the board of the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. That’s why its the world’s most corrupt medical organisation. In the UK the MHRA has Big Pharma officers in charge, and it is funded not by the UK government, but by Big Pharma.

So as big pharma controls the licensing authorities, it effectively licenses its own drugs. That’s why licensed drugs are the number 4 killer of human beings, according to the FDA’s own figures. Its an epidemic. They refer to 2 million “Adverse Drug Reactions” which they call ADRs, and 100,000 deaths a year, on the very drugs that they license.

They effectively admit here below they are killing 100,000 a year in the USA, and of course, it is by poison. That is why the Directors of the FDA should be prosecuted for murder.


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The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) using FDA data, estimates the 2011 licensed drug death figure at 128,000. This excludes chemo drug deaths, which are classified as cancer deaths.

The big pharma lobby is in government medical departments, making laws.  They control charities like Cancer Research UK, with their directors on its board.

Cancer Research UK fraudulently raises money to find a cure for cancer, when a dozen cures have been found over the last 100 years. They use the money they raise to rubbish established cures – because if people know the cures have been found, there is no point in giving money to Cancer Research. The charity should either concentrate on getting the cures out to the people, or close itself down and put its officers up for trial, arrest and imprisonment, because it has been killing people by concealing the truth. But their real purpose is to push the poison of chemotherapy and increase the profits of the pharmaceutical corporations.

Big Parma uses these “charities” to attack university professors, PhD’s and doctors who are researching or using excellent treatments that are a threat to chemotherapy and other drugs. They try to get scientifically excellent research papers that are published in prestigious journals retracted if they are a threat to their drugs.

If you try to update wikipedia pages they don’t like, eg by adding the names of scientific research papers, in minutes someone has deleted it. Wiki enables you to have an email conversation with them, and they don’t give a damn about the lies and destruction they perpetrate. Who funds them? It can only be chemo controlled charities.

In the UK in the NHS 100,000 people a year are killed on the Liverpool Care Pathway. That is where doctors decide a patient is infirm, mark their bed “Nil by mouth. No recuss,” and they die of dehydration in 3 days.

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Whereas most doctors and nurses are doing their best. the people at the top of the medical and pharmaceutical industries are deeply involved with murder for profit. Its a big pharma mafia, but they kill many millions more than the mafia’s few hundred victims. There are many pharmaceutical company directors, medical government officials  and hospital directors/managers who need to be arrested on criminal charges.